Total war скриншот

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2018 Firepower Index

Our annual review of the 136 notable defense powers of the world ranked from first-to-last.

Compare Powers

Our Comparison tool lets your size up one nation's power against another in a side-by-side format.

Korean Reunification

Our projection of Korean Military Power should the two Koreas ever become united under one banner.

Marching as to War

The current military strength of the hermit kingdom of North Korea is detailed.

NATO Firepower

Our list of NATO participants ranked from most powerful to the least.

Middle East Powers

A glimpse into all of the major powers of the volatile Middle East region ranked from strongest to weakest.

EU Military Strength

Our ranking of military strengths of the nations currently making up the European Union.

Asian-Pacific Powers

Our ranking of the various major and minor players of the Asia-Pacific region.

  Global Firepower  

  Current List  

  Compare Countries  





  Eastern Europe  


  European Union (EU)  

  Latin America  

  Middle East  


  North America  


  South America  

  Southeast Asia  


  Total Populations  

  Available Manpower  

  Manpower Fit-for-Service  

  Manpower Reaching Military Age Annually  

  Active Military Manpower  

  Active Reserve Military Manpower  

  Air Power  

  Total Aircraft Strength  

  Fighters & Interceptors  

  Attack Aircraft  



  Total Helicopters  

  Attack Helicopters  

  Serviceable Airports  

  Army Strengths  

  Combat Tanks  

  Armored Fighting Vehicles  

  Self-Propelled Artillery  

  Towed Artillery  

  Rocket Projectors  

  Naval Power  

  Total Naval Strength  

  Aircraft Carriers  





  Patrol Craft  

  Mine Warfare  

  Financial Resources  

  Annual Defense Budgets  

  External Debt  

  Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold  

  Purchasing Power Parity  

  Logistical Resources  

  Labor Force Strength  

  Merchant Marine Strength  

  Major Ports & Terminals  

  Roadway Coverage  

  Railway Coverage  

  Natural Resources  

  Oil Production  

  Oil Consumption  

  Proven Oil Reserves  


  Square Land Areas  


  Shared Borders  

  Waterway Coverage  


  Unified Korea Military Strength (Projected)  


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Total war скриншот
Total war скриншот

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